License Use

Julie Mogford Designs product licenses are broken down into 4 different license types: Personal Use, Small Commercial, Designer Commercial and Extended Commercial.  These licenses are listed below with details regarding appropriate use. If you have any questions or need any further clarity, feel free to contact me for written approval.
By purchasing digital products from my shop, you agree to be bound by & to follow the license terms & conditions as explained below. Please review these options so that you are purchasing the right item for your needs. Copyright infringement is serious and these terms & conditions should be respected.  Items in shop will show purchasing options available for each type of product, and some may only be available for Personal Use.
All Freebie items are licensed under the “Personal Use” License.
Files, images and products on this site and other stores created by Julie Mogford are protected by international copyright laws.  These terms should be followed whether you received a product for free or purchased it from one of my stores.
For information on licensing artwork from my portfolio, or custom requests, please contact me
Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork and products.  

License Options

Use in unlimited personal projects for yourself, educational use, and for your own non-profit (not for sale) projects
Use in your own business for creating things which are not for sale
Unlimited prints
& digital imprints
Can use on POD (print on demand) sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc. for purely personal projects
Personal Use products should never be distributed, shared or sold. This includes, but is not limited to art prints, greeting cards, invitations, etc. The only exception is when sending a file to be printed by a printer for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Examples: Use in your own personal or business logo, branding, blog, invitations, advertising & promotions, packaging, social media posts, website graphics
Use in unlimited personal & commercial projects (client work and items for sale)
Create items for sale for your own business, for clients & others’ non-profit cause
1000 total (max) prints and digital imprints
Cannot use to sell products on POD (print on demand) sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc. (but you can create custom products for clients using these sites)
Cannot create digital templates for sale
Examples: Make printable / printed invitations or other paper products for your shop or for your clients, make branding kits for your shop or client, incorporate with other content for products (like clothing, paper-crafting supplies, home accessories etc.)
This license is the same as the Small Commercial License with some additional rights.
Use in templates, ONLY when the images cannot be taken out of the template program
Make unlimited digital editable template products for sale (for your own shop only)
Make unlimited sales to customers for their personal use only (cannot make templates for other designers to sell)
Make templates with movable graphics (but cannot be taken out of the template program)
Make products to sell on POD (print on demand) sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc.
Examples: PDF digital templates, editable templates on Templett, products on POD sites
This license includes the same rights as the Small Commercial License and the Designer Commercial License and with these additional rights.
Unlimited prints and digital imprints
Examples: Same as Small Commercial and Designer Commercial, however you will not need to keep track of quantities sold.
With the purchase of any license, the customer may use the product as described for each license type, and is required to either return or destroy their copies of the product purchased after use. 

License Restrictions

These additional guidelines, above and beyond what is included with each license above, state what you MAY NOT do, even if you have purchased an Extended Commercial License:
You do not have the rights to resell, sub-license, transfer, share or distribute any product image or file on their own, with client proofs, or in unflattened files, even for free, in any format, under any circumstances.
You may not sell or sell access to the image(s) or files. You may, however charge a single client for your design services to create the end product, in which case the client will be bound by the terms of this license, preventing them from selling the end product. If you or your client wants to sell the end product, you or they must purchase an Extended Commercial License.
You do not have the rights to share the product with clients or other designers (they must purchase their own extended or standard license). If the client purchases the file, they may distribute the files to you for the sole purpose of the design needs of the project, and they may not be used on additional client projects, unless you purchase the files yourself. This includes the ability to distribute the finished file to a printer for printing purposes.
You may not use the artwork or font on it’s own for your finished product for sale. You must add some of your own work before selling it.
You cannot sell any product that ONLY uses the artwork or font in it.
You cannot sell any product you make with my designs which competes with the product you purchased.
You cannot create any design resource for sale (such as digital papers, repeating patterns, svgs, clipart, font, etc) using the product you purchased.
You may not make the Item available on a digital asset management system, shared drive, or the like for the purposes of sharing or transferring the Item, and you must not permit an end user of the end product to extract the Item and use it separately from the end product.
You may not publicly display the Item: (a) as a standalone file in any digital format on the internet; or (b) in any digital format without imposing technical or written restrictions to prevent the unauthorized use of the Item by third parties. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from accessing and/or duplicating the Item.
You may not use photos and listing previews associated with products on this site, or from my social media accounts, as your own.
You may not register as a trademark or claim copyright of the Item or the end product incorporating the Item – not even logos. If you use the Item to create a logo for yourself or a client, keep in mind that third parties can use the Item too, even in another logo.
You do not have the rights to offer the product in a giveaway or promotion.
You may not falsely represent, expressly or by way of reasonable implication, that any Item was created by you or a person other than Julie Mogford, (the copyright holder) of that Item. This includes, but is not limited to photos, web graphics, fonts, listings or any other content.
You may not use my designs for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.
It is not required to give credit, however you may not claim any of these designs or fonts as your own.
If you are unsure of a certain way you want to use ANY of my artwork, please DO NOT assume it is ok – please ask me first. If the answer is not directly stated on this page, it does NOT mean it is allowed. Contact me with your project details.
Thank you for your support! Enjoy!
Julie Mogford      
Julie Mogford/Julie Mogford Designs shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of any materials created by Julie Mogford, purchased or free. The purchaser agrees to indemnify Julie Mogford/Julie Mogford Designs from any loss or damage incurred by Julie Mogford Designs, as a result of the purchaser’s use of these materials. All products, including but not limited to digital images, fonts, cutfiles and other graphics are copyright Julie Mogford. All Rights Reserved.