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Hello everyone!
Dropping in to share a Father’s Day card for my Dad that all started with coloring for The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge.  I have been enjoying my time practicing my coloring these last few days and I’m a big fan of coloring with my Prismacolor Pencils. I was introduced to them and learned some techniques a few years ago at a local stamp store. Although I usually color on some type of white paper, for this project, I wanted to use kraft cardstock because I love how the colored pencil looks on it.
Before I get into the project details, I want to talk about my Dad, Charlie. He’s always taken good care of us and been so supportive of what we wanted to do. When I think about it, I realize I have learned so much from him about how to handle things in my own life. I’m so glad he picked my Mom and me. He truly is a Wonderful Dad!
In my shop, I have some digital stamps and digital cut files that are great for projects featuring Moms and Dads. For Mother’s day, my blog post featured on some of these files, and how I used the stamps and cut files to create 3 cards. You can read more about those projects here.
Wonderful Dad – Cut Files
Wonderful Mom & Dad – Cut Files
There is a design in the digital die cut sets that I wanted to use, but I didn’t want to cut it out, but color it instead. I opened the png file of the design in my Silhouette software and used the trace feature to trace the shape, creating an outline. This shows in red, but I have changed it here for two reasons – so you can see it against the red cut line, and also to mention that I changed the line color of the design to a grey and the thickness to 1 pt. I will get into this more a little later.
Screenshot from Silhouette Designer Software
I aligned the new traced image with a rectangle 4 x 5.25 in. and will use the Silhouette to cut the shape out for me after the image is printed. Notice in the next image how the red line rectangle is lined up just inside the grey outline “frame” of the original piece? This is because I want the stars to drop off the edge with no frame detail. By doing this in the program, I’m able to line up everything. I’m not the best at cutting, even with my trimmer, so this is really helpful. LOL
Screenshot from Silhouette Designer Software
Screenshot from Silhouette Designer Software
I used the print feature in the software to send the file to be printed on kraft cardstock and then to be cut with my Silhouette Cameo. By the way, the program will want to cut the design lines still, so you will need to select the DAD design, and choose “no cut”. Be sure your printer can handle the thickness of the paper you are using, or it may result in a jam or error. You can see here that the grey thin lines can be seen on the kraft color, but they don’t stand out like a black line might. I should have used the eraser tool in the program to remove the extra line under “To a Wonderful” but I was able to erase it slightly, so it is less noticeable in the finished project.
I chose to create my design as “no-line” coloring so I will use the lines of the design to help me color and shade, but have opted to not color the outline darker. I worked on this coloring over two days for the 30 day coloring challenge.  I picked my color palette of blues, teal and green and I used white under the areas I was coloring to make the color just a little brighter. Having a sharp pencil helps in the small areas of the little letters, and also to define the coloring area before coloring in.
I really love how the color blending turned out on the DAD letters. I did three sections of color and then did some overlapping strokes of the colors that bordered each other, and then final blending with the colorless blending pencil. Later I colored in the stars, and also added some yellow to the open stars, but I didn’t like the shade, and I couldn’t add more color because I had used too much pressure when coloring. So, I opted to use some metallic for extra pizzazz without going down the glitter road. I picked Golden Opal from my Twinkling H20 paints, but other paints would work here too. I did have to do about 3 coats to get good coverage over the wax in the pencil because the paint wanted to bead up. This color is somewhere between gold and copper and I thought it would look nice with the color palette and the cardstock. I did go back in with a dark grey pencil and shade the edges of the stars to give them just a little more interest.
I chose to use a kraft cardstock base for this card, but wanted to make the main image pop a bit more so I added a very light grey (almost white) pencil around all of the coloring and I used the same blue pencil to color the card base around the edges and blended it out with the blending pencil. The panel is placed with foam squares and I added a few wooden stars from my old Studio Calico stash that I thought would work nicely as an accent.
I hope this project gave you some ideas of how you can use digital products in your craft projects and card making.
Happy Creating!

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